EYENEXT is an italian company that develops solutions in the ophthalmic manifacturing field.

We deal with the entire production cycle of our instruments, from the conception and design, going through the implementation and development, up to the validation and manufacturing. We also provide technical assistance and training when the instrument reaches the customer.

Our company designs and implements the instruments relying on a long term technological experience and on a strong partnership with scientific and academic research, professional ophthalmologists and medical clinics, aiming at a constant innovation. Both our research and technological teams work eagerly on expanding the scientific contents and the clinical validation, in accordance with the related international standards.

Excellence in scientific contents matches perfectly with a software and operative systems ad hoc developed and accurately tested, and with an essential and high-tech hardware, to provide reliability and endurance.

Eventually our instruments  are delivered to the customers soon after the order submission, thanks to our continuous cycle production.

Once the instrument reaches the customer, Eyenext keeps on staying in touch with him. Indeed, our company works intensively on evolving its excellence taking into account needs and feedbacks of our distributors and final clients. That is why we constantly provide free software updates for continuous improvement and customers’ satisfaction.

The high standards featuring our production are based on our values: consideration and respect for the strength and passion of our distributors, suppliers and consultants; attention to details in every stage of the manufacturing; great care for environment and energy saving.


  • Manage and control of the entire production cycle of our instruments
  • Consideration and respect for the strength and passion of our distributors
  • Suppliers and consultants
  • Continuous improvement and innovation
  • Attention to details in every stage of the manufacturing
  • Great care for environment and energy saving


EYENEXT proudly provides products developed in-house:

Our goal is to offer superior products with premium customer service at a very affordable price.
By continually gathering customer feedback and working with our highly skilled professional team, EYENEXT continues to deliver unmatched all-in-one ophthalmic tools while increasing our number of loyal customers.
Passion and competence are our strength.
If you believe you have the skill to join our team, please submit your candidacy here.
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Easy to Use Products and Endurance
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