F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions

How to become EyeNext DISTRIBUTOR?

Your request is highly welcome.
We are confident in a business mutually statisfactory for our companies, considered the excellence and the reliability of our products.

Please, fill in this form and specify in case you are interested in an exclusive distribution or in an OEM supply.

I am interested in DISTRIBUTING your instruments: how to receive a DEMO UNIT?

You can ask for an evaluation unit: just fill in this form or send an email.
The evaluation unit is without any money risk: in case you do not like the instrument, you can return it and we pay you back immediately the full amount of the invoice, shipping charges excluded.

How to UPDATE the instruments' SOFTWARE?

The product is provided with an automatic update procedure of its application software.

1) download the update software from our website: the login data are specified in the first page of the user manual.

2) copy the downloaded file in the upgrade folder on the USB pendrive (provided with the instrument).

3) power on the instrument and enter the setup window. Select the software update icon, press start on the remote control and wait until device power off (1 minute).

Note: we recommend subscribing to the newsletter. An e-mail will inform you when new free software updates are available for your product.

Further info on the user manual.


The manufacturer guarantees that each hardware product does not present defect of materials and processing and that the software applications are free of defect, when normally used during the warranty period (24 months from the original date of purchase specified in the invoice, except for the AOC electronic unit, whose warranty period is of 5 years).

The warranty is in charged to the manufacturer’s laboratory, carriage free.

Click on ASSISTANCE to have more information on warranty terms and technical assistance.