Advanced Ophthalmic Chart (AOC) is the state-of-the-art digital ophthalmic chart featuring a sleek design and an extensive selection of tests conducted meticulously up to standards.

  • Value-line

    ALL-IN-ONE LCD vision chart, LINUX.

    VALUE-LINE: Monitor 24”, LED, FULL-HD.

    More then 60 dynamic, interactive tests.

    5 programs: Visual Acuity, Refraction, Contrast Sensitivity, Binocular, Preferred.

    IR remote control.

  • Style-line

    ALL-IN-ONE LCD vision chart, LINUX.

    STYLE-LINE: Monitor 23”, 27″ and 27″ POLA, LED, FULL-HD.

    More then 60 dynamic, interactive tests.

    5 programs + Automatic drivers license examination.

    Near vision tester NOC, Retina Display.

    Remote Console 8” touch.


NOC is the portable near vision tester based on high quality 8” RETINA DISPLAY tablet, easy to use, white frame color, which includes a wide range of tests and stimuli performed at 40 cm (16”): reading charts based on NVREAD and MNREAD standards, visual acuity for near vision, ETDRS charts at video display distance, Ishihara 24 charts, Farnsworth D15, Amsler grid charts, and many other refraction tests and quality of vision tests.

TETRA is the instrument providing a comprehensive set of tests for an exhaustive and specific picture of the visuoperceptive situation in dyslexic patients, so as to help focusing the diagnosis and the rehabilitative pathway.

After many years of investigation, experimenation and technological application, so far as we know TETRA is the sole tool able to evaluate the visuoperceptive situation of the disabled reader.


AOC Mobile is the new portable eye chart for vision professionals who want to go wherever their patients are.

For private practice and staff doctors, optometrists, and orthoptists and all professionals who assess fitness for driving: easy and quick to use, AOC Mobile lets you work in every kind of situation.