Eye examination for distance vision (AOC)
Our family’s AOC optotype chart monitors include more than 60 dynamic and interactive tests grouped into 4 main programs: Visual Acuity, Refraction, Contrast Sensitivity, Binocular. Moreover, the professional can create his eye examination program through a customized sequence of preferred tests. Finally, a driver’s license eye examination with an automatic procedure is available.
The touch screen remote console makes it intuitive to control the tests and easy to use their features.
Child/llliterate and low-vision modes help streamline clinical use.


Sloan Letters, Landolt Rings (ISO 8596), Tumbling E, Numbers, Snellen Letters, HOTV, Pigassou Child Symbols, LEA Child Symbols, Playstation Child Symbols, Allen Preschool, Sloan Non Random Letters, Landolt C 4 symbols.


Tables 1, 2, R with contrast function. Three view modes: standard, IOL and mesopic. Illiterate mode and masking function.


Myopia (Red and Green), Clock Dial, Points, Half clock, Astigmatism – Fan and Block, Grid test, Binocular Balance, Amsler’s Grid.


Small Letter Contrast test, Pelli-Robson @1m, Contrast Sensitivity – Gabor patches, Ishihara color blindness test. All the optotype charts have a contrast function at 0.15 Log steps.


Points of Fix, Worth Four Dot test, Schober test, Sheard test, Phoria & Associated Phoria tests, Aniseikonia, OXO – Mallet test, Random dots Steps/Hand, Osterberg Stereo 2/4, Duochrome, Pictures for Retinoscopy.


Cross test, Pointer test, Rectangle test, Stereo Triangle, Balance test, Differential D6/D8 stereo test, Stereo test, Cowen test.

Driver's license

The drivers license examination (Groups 1 and 2) can be done with an automatic procedure by merely responding “Seen/Not seen” to the stimuli. The instrument automatically calculates thresholds and then rapidly performs the following tests: Visual Acuity OD/OS, Contrast Sensitivity, Twilight Vision (mesopic visual acuity), Glare Sensitivity (set of 2 LED lamps included), Glare Recovery Time (certified LED light pen).

A report is generated at the end of the examination following the guide (available in PDF format and a pre-filled hardcopy).

Eye examination for near vision (NOC)

To meet the different need in eye examination, the AOC intrument set includes a Near Ophthalmic Chart (NOC).