Professional. Intuitive. Stylish.

…the eye examination for near vision!

NOC is the near vision tester based on high quality 8” RETINA DISPLAY tablet, easy to use, white frame color, which includes a wide range of tests and stimuli performed at 40 cm (16”) or 65 cm (26″).
NOC is a portable device highly engineered and stylish, properly designed for the professional. Unlike the existing apps, NOC let the professional to perform a comprehensive near examination without using with the patient the personal tablet or smartphone.
In keeping with high scientific standards, it gives over 40 tests, divided into Reading, Measurement, and Quality of vision tests: Reading charts, ETDRS charts 1, 2, and R for video terminals (70 cm distance examinations), Ishihara 25 plates, Amsler grid charts, Farnsworth D15 dichotomous color blindness test, MKH test sequence for near vision, … and many other refraction tests and quality of vision tests!

Key Features

  • More than 40 tests @ 40 cm (16 inches).
  • 3 sets of tests: Reading, Refraction and Quality of Vision.
  • Preferred sequence of tests
  • ETDRS charts at video display distance 65 cm (26 inches).
  • Reading charts in accordance with international standards.
  • Standard optotypes presented in random order.
  • 8” RETINA display provides visual acuity up to 1.2 (20/16)
  • Long life battery, stylish
  • 5 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • Free and automatic software updates

Reading Tests

NV near reading charts (VA: 0.1-1.0), MN near reading charts (VA: 0.1-1.0), Newspaper, Web page, Maps, Timetable, Phone directory, Patient information leaflet, Musical score, Eye anatomy.

Refraction Tests

Duane test, Grid, Astigmatism clock dial, Points, Half clock dial (cyl-, cyl+), Mypia red and green, Sloan Snellen and Numbers optotype charts (VA: 0.063 – 1.2), ETDRS ‘1’ ‘2’ ‘R’ and ‘IOL’ charts at video display distance (65 cm, 26”; VA: 0.1 – 1.25), Circular optotypes, Binocular balance test,  Sheard tests (vertical, horizontal), Accomodative amplitude test, Relative Accomodation test.

Quality Of Vision Tests

Points of fix (standard, child), Picture for retinoscopy, Worth 4-dot test (4-dot, 4-light), Ishihara 25 plate with instructions, Farnsworth D15 dichotomous color blindness test, Amsler grid 7 charts, MKH Cross test (K), MKH Pointer test (Z, DZ), MKH Rectangle test (H), MKH Stereo triangle test (St12, St6), OXO (h, v, double), Osterberg stereo test and minute stereo test, 3D Anaglyph images, Figure-Ground perception test.

Other Tests

Sight reaction time and Sound reaction time.

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