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A very small and light set for a complete eye examination

The AOC Mobile portable digital chart

AOC Mobile is the new portable eye chart for vision professionals who want to go wherever their patients are.

For private practice and staff doctors, optometrists, and orthoptists and all professionals who assess fitness for driving: easy and quick to use, AOC Mobile lets you work in every kind of situation.

Eye Examination

AOC MOBILE allows the eye examination for distance vision by a full set of 18 standard tests: Visual Acuity with Sloan letters, Snellen letters, Tumbling E, Numbers, Pigassou child images, Sheard, Myopia, Astigmatism, Colour Blindness performed with an automatic procedure, Macular degeneration, Aniseikonia, Schober, Worth 4-dots light, Binocular Balance, Phoria, MKH Cross, 3D Random Dots, OXO test.

Key Features
  • Truly portable
  • Complete set for vision exam
  • Tablet 10.1″ with Retina Display, presents stimuli with AV=0.06 at a distance of 5 meters.
  • Exam distance between 40 cm and 5 meters. Customized program to speed up clinical use.
  • Calibrated brightness for accurate contrast levels.
  • Randomly presented optotypes. Wide range of applications: AV from 0.04 (low vision) to 2.0 (hyperacuity).
  • Special modes for Child and Low Vision exams.
  • Remote touch screen console to make it easier to control the instrument from the first time you use it and for a better working position for the professional.
  • Free software upgrades through an easy automatic function
  • Vertical positioning with convenient table stand or wall stand.
  • tablet for patient with calibrated brightness 10.1″ Retina Display
  • set of two LED lights for Glare Sensitivity Test
  • certified LED pen for Glare Recovery Time test
  • pre-filled fitness for driving documents
  • IR remote control
  • tablet control console (optional) to check the instrument more easily and perform the near vision test, choosing from 40 tests, including reading, measurement, and vision quality
  • table and wall stand
  • USB pen drive for free updates by internet
  • instrument and accessory carrying bag
  • Professional and comprehensive eye examination

  • Driving licence automatic examination, ultra-fast, PDF report

  • LED-backlit 10.1” LCD display with accurate calibration of brightness and contrast level

  • Control by wireless remote console or touch-screen

  • Set of accessories running with long lasting battery power

  • Provided with LINUX operating system for reliability and long lasting performances

  • 4 languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian

  • Wall / Table Mount

AOC-mobile e stand
  • Easy customizable working distance from 1.5 to 5 m, 5 cm step
  • VA from 0.03 to 2.0
  • Calibrated brightness of tests according to specific standards
  • Optotypes presented in random order
  • Easy control of the instrument since the first use with the touch-screen remote control
  • Free software updates
  • Multifunctional use of the case for wall mounting or as table stand
  • Dynamic and interactive tests of DRIVER can be run just touching the patient’s screen or by the wireless remote control.
  • Sight reaction time and Sound reaction time tests are included in the tablet remote control to assess the reaction time to simple stimuli.
  • Visual Acuity Test OD/OS
  • Contrast Sensitivity Test
  • Twilight Vision Test
  • Glare Sensitivity Test
  • Recovery time after Glare Sensitivity Test OD/OS
  • Eye Examination for Driving Licence Driving licence examination (group 1 and 2, at operator’s choice) can be performed with automatic procedure just answering “OK / NO” to the proposed stimulus.
  • Eyesight Report for driving licensing purposes
  • Test and Examination of Visual Acuity – Contrast Sensitivity – Twilight Vision – Glare Sensitivity – Photostress Recovery Time, etc…
  • At the end of the examination the instrument releases a report of compliance to driving (available in PDF and automatically forwarded via bluetooth on your smartphone or PC)
  • Patient tablet with calibrated luminance, LCD screen 10.1″
  • Set of two portable LED lamps for glare sensitivity test
  • Compliant LED pen light for recovery time test
  • Operator tablet, easy and intuitive to use
  • Touch screen remote console, Wi-Fi.
  • Stimuli displayed on the console.
  • lnteractive graphic user interface.
  • Makes it immediatelly easy to use the Chart Panel.
  • Puts the professional in a better working position.
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  • Two LED lights for glare sensitivity test,
  • Wall / table mount
  • Replaceable battery.
  • LED pen-light for recovery time after glare test
  • Compliant to driving licence exam requirements