We are here to help you promptly and to the best of our abilities.

End customers must always contact the distributor where they purchased the instrument.

Distributors must always contact support to determine whether repair is needed and to authorize an RMA.

Never send an instrument prior to receiving an RMA number.


Support Request

If the instrument malfunctions, contact the dealer from whom you purchased it.

If you purchased it directly from the manufacturer, contact technical support by filling out the form on the contact page or by sending an email to support@eyenext.it.

In the email or on the form, provide the serial number of the instrument and the malfunction you are reporting; you will usually receive assistance within the day and always within 24 hours.

Note that to receive support you must be our customer, have the product in your possession, and have the serial number.

Warranty terms

The manufacturer guarantees that the product hardware has no defects in material or processes; it also guarantees that the software will be without defects, if used normally during the warranty period (24 months from the original date of purchase specified in the invoice, except for the AOC electronic unit, which has a 5-year warranty period). The warranty guarantees that the product meets specifications during the warranty period. In any case, our responsibility is limited to reimbursing the cost you paid.

The warranty does not cover any other defects or damage that might happen to it, such as by dropping the unit, other accidents or careless handling, which voids the warranty.

Customers must always contact support to determine whether repair is needed and to authorize an RMA. Never send an eye tracker prior to receiving an RMA number.

The warranty does not include shipping to/from the manufacturer’s site.

See the user manual (which comes with the tool or on the USB pen drive/microSD memory card) for details about the warranty.


Where is the instrument's serial number?

The tag with the serial number (“SN” to provide if you contact technical support) is on the back of the instrument. The same information is on the packing box and the shipping/invoice documents received from us.

What software version is installed in my instrument?

Go to the Setup window and read the currently installed software version under the “Product Info” icon.

For the console and NOC instruments, press the “+” button on the upper edge of the tablet to see the current software version.

What is my instrument's hardware version?

Go to the Setup window, press OK after selecting the “Product Info” icon and read the instrument’s hardware version.


Software updates

The software update service is free at the manufacturer’s workshop and is always available for any instrument, including after the warranty expires. Request an RMA (Return Material Authorization) before shipping.

The customer may update the instrument’s software by following the instructions in the user manual. The latest software version can be downloaded from the login area; make sure you are using the right version as shown to avoid compromising the instrument’s proper operation. If the software you are looking for is not available in the download area, contact technical support.

Note: the manufacturer pursues a policy of continuous improvement. Because instruments and services are continuously being improved and developed, your instrument could possibly only be able to be updated (free of cost) at the manufacturer’s workshop.

Hardware upgrade

The current hardware version for the AOC Vision Chart is 3.0 (go to Setup, 7a icon to see your instrument version).

Do you have an AOC with earlier hardware? You can very easily make your instrument practically like new and take advantage of the major advances we have implemented recently and get another 5 years of warranty on the main electronic unit. Ask for an estimate by choosing “Ask for an estimate” on the contact form.


What address should I ship to?

All shipments must be sent to our operational headquarters at:

EYENEXT SRL, Viale Nobel 5/A, 10051 Avigliana (TO) – ITALY

I need to send an instrument, but I do not have a shipping service for it.

You can use a shipping service that we organize to send an instrument to our workshop for updates or support.

The customer must box the instrument and remember to include ALL accessories. We recommend using the original packaging or, if you no longer have it, always making sure the instrument is adequately protected.

Request the shipping service in the RMA form. Our shipping service will pick it up and deliver it to the address the customer has provided.

Liability and insurance

The material is always shipped at the cost and liability of the customer or distributor. Insured shipping must be specifically requested in writing when ordering. We are not responsible for damage due to inadequate packaging that occurs during transportation to our site.